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“Here Is Your Chance to FINALLY Discover HOW
to Create the Latest, Exclusive Design Trends for
Coloring Books, Paint-by-Numbers, Mazes and More!
Some of These New Design Styles Have Been Impossible to Replicate Until Now!
Back in 2015, Coloring Books exploded onto the scene to become one of the hottest new publishing trends in a LONG time! Four years later, many publishing outlets consider the coloring book craze dead.

There's just one problem...It's NOT! has definitely slowed down EXCEPT for those artists who continue to INNOVATE  and EVOLVE!

Message Coloring Books, Spiroglyphics, Color-by-Numbers, Dot-to-Dot, Extreme Mazes and other design innovations continue to sell ongoing as the trend evolves. 

Here is a sampling of what I mean…
Pencil Pastimes!
“Pencil Pastimes” will reveal ALL the design strategies and resources used to create designs like those above and MANY more! Over the course of THREE Modules taught as a One-Day Workshop, you will discover:

Module One: New Coloring Book Design Strategies
   • Spiroglyphics-Style Coloring Designs.
   • Lines and Dots Coloring Designs.
   • Photo-Based Coloring Designs.

Module Two: Paint-by-Number and Dot-to-Dot Strategies
   • Photos to Paint-by-Number
   • Pixel and Shape-Based Paint-by-Number.
   • Dot-to-Dot Conversion Tricks.

Module Three: New Maze Creation Strategies. 
   • Intricate Shape-Based Mazes.
   • Daedalus-Style Mazes.
   • Number and Arrow Mazes.
The Introductory Pricing for “Pencil Pastimes”...
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Your Wise Investment Today Includes:
    • Ongoing Access to All the Workshop Recordings.
    • Slide PDFs for All Three Modules.
    • Transcripts for All Three Modules.
    • BONUS: 220-Page Coloring Book Kickstart PDF.
    • NEW BONUS: Video Update on the Spiroglyphics Technique.

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